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Before carrying out a boiler service we like to be thorough, this does mean that we like to know the manufacture and model number of your boiler, the reason why we like to know this information Is so that we can source the right seals prior to attending your property in order to save you time and money on the boiler service.

When carrying out a boiler service we will;

  • Check the gas supply to the appliance and make sure its compliant with current regulations
  • Visually inspect the boiler and all its components including internal, external pipework and flue
  • Clean out the burner and change any seals advised by the manufacture
  • Clean out the condensation trap inside the boiler
  • Analyse the flue gases to ensure its working efficiently

With boiler servicing we believe in being thorough I the most important thing, we are aware that others claim to service your boiler but in fact carry out the bare minimum checks, which is no good to you or your boiler as in some cases it has been known to void the boiler warranty and cost hard working home owners lots of money unnecessarily.

Boiler services are simple, you pick up the phone and give our team a call, let us come to your home and carry out the necessary work to ensure your boiler is keeping you and you’re loved ones warm all year round whether its hot water or heating.

If you need a quote for a boiler installation, or need a ball park figure for replacing the old knackered boiler and installing a new one before it finally decides its had enough so that you can budget for this in the future then call us and we’re here to help!

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