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When having a new boiler installed or even an old boiler replaced with a new one, the main things to consider are what kind of system you have, which brand is good for you and your pocket and also the length of the warranty.

We will always install whichever boiler brand you prefer, although we have our favourites and are happy to recommend them.

With boiler installations you should always take into account that there is a very high chance that sludge is in your existing system, whether it's in the pipework or collected in the radiators. That's why we and other companies will always recommend a thorough flush of the system, ideally a power flush with the correct chemicals with increase the longevity of your boiler and the performance of your system. If you need a quote for a boiler installation, or need a ball park figure for replacing the old knackered boiler and installing a new one before it finally decides its had enough so that you can budget for this in the future then call us and we’re here to help!

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